I Love Calvin & Hobbes

(The following blog entry is written by 10-year-old Emily Shipman, daughter of our CIO Brian ShipmanIt is presented here, unedited and unaided. Perhaps we have a new contributor!)

Calvin & Hobbes original art by Bill Watterson

My dad (who works for Heritage) and I used to read Calvin and Hobbes every night. We would laugh at them and have a great time.  I always looked forward to nighttime because I couldn’t wait to read the comics.  Calvin’s hysterical adventures were so funny that I never wanted to stop reading them!  One of my favorite comics of Calvin and Hobbes is when Calvin wants his dad to check for monsters, but his dad refuses.  Calvin and Hobbes get scared because they hear a “monster” coming.  Calvin shoots the “monster” with his toy gun to defend himself.  All along the “monster” was his dad.

One day my dad came home and showed me that they were selling a Calvin and Hobbes comic at Heritage.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever!  My favorite comics were being auctioned off!   I even got to read the very same comic that they were auctioning off.

After that day, my dad and I continued to read Calvin and Hobbes.  We finished two whole giant books full of hilarious comics.  I don’t think that I ever went a night of reading Calvin and Hobbes without laughing.  These amazing comics gave me many memories.



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  1. Donna Sundquist August 5, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    I kept the last Calvin and Hobbes in the Los Angeles Times.
    It is dated, December 31, 1995. I might be willing to sell it.
    It has always had a special meaning because of a story with my sister. My sister has since passed and I have no one to leave it to.


    1. Ms. Sundquist, if you’re interested in selling, visit http://www.ha.com/common/sell.php?type=ld-fb-cs-sellnow-102612 for more information or you may call Heritage client services at 1-800-872-6467.


  2. Donna, I would love to hear your story about you and your sister.


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