Collector's Guide: The Value in Investing in Hermès Birkin Handbags | Heritage Auctions

Investing in Hermès: Wheres the value?

Hand-crafted in Italy and made to last, Hermès handbags are the pinnacle of status – the Holy Grail of luxury. The most extravagant and pristine of Hermès bags have been considered investments delivering returns that beat those from the stock market. Which Hermès Bag holds its value the best? In terms of… Style: Though they […]

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Hermès Scarves: Ties That Bind

My love affair with scarves began at the age of eleven when I inherited my grandmother’s collection.  The rest of her clothes were given to charity when she died, but her scarves seemed too full of memory to let go – the many times had I seen her drape her shoulders or tie a knot […]

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Pin-Ups and Handbags: Thinking Like a Collector

Working at a place like Heritage I’ve learned a few things. My knowledge has been broadened in subjects far beyond what I ever thought I would ever have the opportunity, or the inclination, to learn, like how a classic pin-up can lead me straight into the lap of luxury – luxury accessories, that is.

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