shaving mugs

Shaving Mugs: American Folk Art

By Nathan Shults In our June 26th Fine and Decorative Arts Signature Internet Session, we feature the American shaving mug collection of John Sturner. In the late Victorian era (1880-1910), most men owned a shaving mug that they kept at home or at a barbershop. Barbershops at the time were social spaces, where for only […]

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Different Collection (animals)

Collecting by Theme: Going Beyond the Date Set

By: Sarah Miller One particular style of collecting coins is so typical and familiar that even non-collectors are often aware of it. Placing one coin of each date and mintmark into a book or album is an image that many of us will remember from childhood, even if we never became lifelong collectors. Although today’s […]

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Film Noir Posters Bug

A Shot In The Dark

By Michael Morgan A shadowy silhouette of a man moves down the street. His shoulders and the top of his felt Stetson fedora are briefly lit in the pools of light beneath the street lamps as he passes. His face is a constant shadow. He pauses at the corner, and a quick flare of light […]

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Eastern Influence on American Aesthetic Movement Silver

By: Nathan Shults In our upcoming April 12 Silver and Objects of Vertu Signature Auction, we feature a strong selection of American Aesthetic Movement objects, including many prized mixed-metal lots embellished with copper and gold elements. These pieces illustrate the wide range of influences on Western decorative arts in the late 19th century and the […]

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