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Silver & Vertu Auction: A Surprising Place to Find Unique Sports Trophies

Sports collectors always are looking for unique pieces from their favorite teams or players. Most head to Heritage sports auctions, but there is another area that is fertile hunting ground for unique trophies. This list looks at the upcoming Silver and Objects of Vertu Auction, which has a couple of great-looking pieces, and the Gentleman […]

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Storage Wars Tips Turned into Reality: Texas-Local Scores Big with Vintage Sports Illustrated Collection

The recent Dallas Morning News article by Barry Horn about the out-of-work-butcher-turned-storage unit entrepreneur should make every collector and storage unit searcher stand up and shout. In a nutshell, Alan Hairston spent $330 on a storage unit that was filled with boxes which may turn into the most significant collection of tremendously preserved Sports Illustrated […]

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Five for Friday: 5 Standout Collectible Wristwatches

This Five For Friday installment looks at five standout wristwatches from the upcoming Sports Collectible Auction May 11-13. 1.   1956 New York Yankees World Series Championship Rolex Gold Wristwatch Presented to Yogi Berra   Once when he was on a passenger jet, Hall of Famer and Yankee catcher Yogi Berra was asked what time it […]

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Collecting Your Hometown in Obsolete Banknotes

Eagle River. Marquette. Jackson.  The city names may sound obscure to most people, but to me and vintage currency collectors they are as familiar as apple pie. As a Michigander (a “Yooper” by birth) it’s a delight to find antique currency from the cities and towns I grew up in and visited all my life. […]

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Art Specialist Picks: Prints & Multiples

Our Modern & Contemporary specialists discuss their favorite works from our upcoming Prints & Multiples sale, taking place online and live in Dallas on April 10. Frank Hettig Director, Modern & Contemporary Art Christopher Wool is best known for his word paintings that focus on language as image, as well as photographs, prints, artist’s books […]

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Warhol Prints Still Deliver 15 Minutes of Fame

For celebrities and newsmakers there are moments when you know you have arrived. You appear on the cover of a magazine like Time, Vogue or Rolling Stone. Your first appearance on The Tonight Show or Meet the Press catapults you to a new level of celebrity or importance. In the 70s and 80s you knew […]

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J.P. Morgan’s Lasting Legacy in Asian Art

Described as a voracious collector, John Pierpoint (J.P.) Morgan spent the last decades of his life adding items to an already-impressive collection that included art, sculptures and significant pieces from around the world. The Morgan Library & Museum states that the man responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system spent the last two […]

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FEATURE IMAGE Map of the Battle of Zacatecas captured at San Jacinto from General Santa Anna

Texan War Prize: Santa Anna’s Captured Battle Map

Antonio López de Santa Anna, the “Napoleon of the West,” was one of North America’s most infamous leaders. Although he first fought to defend the Spanish Empire he later became an important figure in the Mexican Rebellion. His actions in the revolution made him a leading figure in the new Mexican Republic. He was elected […]

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The Introduction and Evolution of the New York City Art Deco Traffic Light

In a day and age when driving your car has become almost second nature, it is hard to imagine a time when the automobile was just coming onto the transportation scene. There really were no rules and even less etiquette with regards to right of way. Imagine navigating block after block of bustling downtown activity […]

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Bare Bones: Why We Love Skeletonized Watches and Timepieces

By: Michael Fossner | In an age where electronic and digitalized tools are the norm, mechanical Timepieces have a nostalgic flair that everyone loves for their perceptible movements. By this we mean that we can actually see, and hear these collectible items as they work, as opposed to the boring clock on our cell phones. […]

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