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J.P. Morgan’s Lasting Legacy in Asian Art

Described as a voracious collector, John Pierpoint (J.P.) Morgan spent the last decades of his life adding items to an already-impressive collection that included art, sculptures and significant pieces from around the world. The Morgan Library & Museum states that the man responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system spent the last two […]

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FEATURE IMAGE Map of the Battle of Zacatecas captured at San Jacinto from General Santa Anna

Texan War Prize: Santa Anna’s Captured Battle Map

Antonio López de Santa Anna, the “Napoleon of the West,” was one of North America’s most infamous leaders. Although he first fought to defend the Spanish Empire he later became an important figure in the Mexican Rebellion. His actions in the revolution made him a leading figure in the new Mexican Republic. He was elected […]

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The Introduction and Evolution of the New York City Art Deco Traffic Light

In a day and age when driving your car has become almost second nature, it is hard to imagine a time when the automobile was just coming onto the transportation scene. There really were no rules and even less etiquette with regards to right of way. Imagine navigating block after block of bustling downtown activity […]

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Bare Bones: Why We Love Skeletonized Watches and Timepieces

By: Michael Fossner | In an age where electronic and digitalized tools are the norm, mechanical Timepieces have a nostalgic flair that everyone loves for their perceptible movements. By this we mean that we can actually see, and hear these collectible items as they work, as opposed to the boring clock on our cell phones. […]

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Numismatic History: Honoring Native Americans through U.S. Coinage

By: Sarah Miller | The historical tribes that make up Native American culture have often been given a place of honor on many of the US Mint’s most popular and enduring coin designs. From the Indian Cents and $3 Gold Pieces of the 1850s to the modern Gold Buffalo Bullion series that began in 2008, […]

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Whimsical Furniture Designer: Peter Shire

From ceramics to sculpture, drawings to furniture, the art and designs of Peter Shire never bow to convention. Whimsical and unexpected, his creations have delighted collectors since the early days of his career as a member of the Memphis Group, an Italian design collective exhibiting in the 1980s, of which Shire was the only American […]

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Martin Brothers Birds & Tiffany Studios Decorative Arts Highlight 20th Century Design Auction

The 20th Century Design auction November 18 at Heritage Auctions will showcase 11 pieces of highly collectible Martin Brothers stoneware, the third largest group ever offered in a single auction. Most recently, a collection of 23 Martinware pieces from the British ceramics maker realized $1,592,250 at Phillips. The motifs, at once grotesque and playful, are […]

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David Webb Jewelry Featured in Holiday Signature Auction

Sometimes, more is more. Over-the-top in the very best way, David Webb does statement jewelry like no other. The company has been in continuous operation since 1948, when the 23-year-old self-taught jeweler first opened its headquarters just off Fifth Avenue in New York. The pieces are often either dripping with diamonds, enameled in bold, saturated […]

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Six Decades of Hollywood History: The Collection of Ernest Borgnine

The November 12th Entertainment and Music Memorabilia Auction in Dallas will open with a session of the personal collection of the Academy Award-winning actor Ernest Borgnine. From the 1948 employment contract with the Barter Theater Repertory Company believed to be his first professional acting engagement (it states that he was to be paid $65 per […]

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World’s Earliest Known 10 Commandments Up for Auction

A marble slab inscribed with the 10 Commandments, most likely used at the entrance of a synagogue destroyed by Romans or Crusaders, is being offered Nov. 16 at Heritage Auctions’ Biblical Archaeology & Related Objects Auction. It is the world’s earliest-known complete stone inscription of the biblical principles given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The […]

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