Petrified Wood

Nature’s Art: The Science Behind Petrified Wood

By Grace Evanko: As a student of Environmental Studies, I cannot stress enough the importance and utility of understanding Earth’s natural processes. Whether noticing striated cirrus clouds (a tell-tale sign of impending rain) or feeling the shift in the wind from the south to the north as summer turns to fall, possessing and seeking out […]

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8 Types of Leading Men in Hollywood: American Edition

By Holly Culbreath: The price of success in show business is not always hubris.  Often it is being too closely identified with an onscreen persona.  In the bygone days of studio contract players, typecasting was the order of the day.  Like a deck of cards, every studio had one of each kind in the suit.  […]

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A Symphony of Modern Art, and The Beauty of Its Presentation

By Kathryn Hoogendoorn: Ever a lover of the arts, one of my first stops in each city I visit or move to is the local art museum.  I recently moved back into the Dallas area and my favorite past time has quickly become visiting the Dallas Museum of Art. Their permanent collection is excellent and […]

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