A Glimpse Into the Life of Alex Haley, the Author of Roots

By David Boozer It has been 38 years since Alex Haley published Roots in 1976. If you’re a Millennial, you likely won’t remember what a cultural sensation that book was. Michael Eric Dyson summed it up well in the 2006 introduction to the 30th Anniversary Edition of Roots: “Haley’s monumental achievement helped convince the nation that the […]

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1881-S Morgan silver dollar_Heritage Auctions

The Rainbow Effect

By Sarah Miller How is it that one 1881-S Morgan silver dollar can be worth around $1,500, while another coin of nearly the same date and grade combination sold just a few months later for $90? In this case, the answer can be mainly attributed to a quality that has fascinated countless coin collectors for […]

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12 years a slave

Twelve Years a Slave, One Little Book

By Joe Fay And the Oscar goes to…Solomon Northup. Who? Solomon Northup. His is certainly not a household name in current American culture. In fact, Northup has never been a wildly popular or recognizable figure in American history outside a few years in his own time and with historians of slavery, abolition, and the period […]

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Collecting Gone Digital: A Guide To Investing in Domain Names

By Aron Meystedt It started for me more than a decade ago.  Like many people, I pondered the various Internet-based businesses I could start and run from my house. I was inspired by the success stories of ordinary people running a business they had a passion for, right out of their living room.  I really desired the freedom […]

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