2014 January 8 - 12 FUN US Coin Signature Auction - Orlando #1201

By Matt Draiss

This past week is going to go down in numismatic history as one of the biggest weeks ever; I predicted that over $100 million dollars in rare coins sales would take place this month, and we did that just through our auctions alone! The F.U.N. show in Florida is one of the highlights of the rare coin dealer’s year. We have broken our own record at least twice for having the largest coin and currency auction at one time.

I was not at F.U.N. but wish I had been able to go. The excitement of being in a rare coin show as large as this is truly a mesmerizing experience. The lights, the history, the auctions, the dealers, the crowds, the amount of money being exchanged, and much more all make the environment a paradise. I get a thrill rush every single time I purchase something from the general public or sell coins to dealers. It is a feeling that comes from doing what you love! The F.U.N. show (or any other major coin show, for that matter) all contribute to this great experience.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the memorable coins that sold during the last auction:

1787 Brasher Doubloon MS-63 NGC CAC at $4.58 million. This very rare coin is the specimen containing the counter-stamp struck onto the wing.

1913 Nickel PR-64 NGC at $3.29 million. This coin is one of my favorite rare coins in existence. These coins are believed to have been made after-hours by U.S. Mint employee named Samuel Brown. All five of the coins are accounted for with three being owned privately and two residing in museums.

1884 Trade Dollar PR-65 PCGS CAC at $998,750.  This very rare proof coin is one of only 10 specimens minted! The last time I interned in Dallas at Heritage Headquarters, I heard that we had this coin for sale, so I made a point of walking to the lot viewing area one day and looking at it, because this is a coin that does not come to market very often. I believe that this coin should get much more attention than it already does; people do not equate million dollar coins with this issue as they do the other coins mentioned above.

Interning at Heritage is a truly rewarding experience. Even just getting to hold one of those coins I mentioned above is more than some people will ever get to encounter in their numismatic journeys. If you ever have the privilege of holding one of these coins, I strongly encourage you to savor the moment. I got to experience all three of them, and that memory will last a lifetime.


Matt Draiss is a numismatic intern with Heritage Auctions. He is also a numismatic speaker and writer.

If you see something you like or have something similar you'd like to sell then please inquire about it here.