By Kelly Kopa

David Yurman diamond earrings featured in Tuesday Internet Watch and Jewelry Auction  #171348

David Yurman diamond earrings featured in Tuesday Internet Watch and Jewelry Auction #171348

“Kay-lee?! Your Pumpkin Spice latte is ready!” yells the barista.

Grabbing my coffee, I head back to the corner table while I simultaneously Instagram my cup with the hashtag #starbucksfail. Even with my name spelled wrong, nothing could ruin this moment of pure pumpkin spice bliss.

It’s a cold, rainy Monday and only 5 days until the ultimate shopping day of the year: Black Friday. To any average Joe, this day is plagued with mile long lines out store fronts and highways backed up at 3AM to get the latest X-box.

For a shopaholic such as myself, though, this is THE shopping day to get those designer studs I’ve had my eye on since June!

Skimming through the countless emails on my MacBook, I carefully analyze each promotion.

“The Ultimate Black Friday Checklist” and “Gifts for Everyone – up to 70% off!” pop into my email feed. So many choices. I begin to feel overwhelmed with the abundance of designer clothing, high-tech gadgets and the latest news on Miley Cyrus.

Taking a break from the online madness, I decide to browse through Heritage’s latest weekly auctions. Perusing through our Tuesday Internet Jewelry Auction I’m pleasantly surprised to see an abundance of designer gems for the fraction of the cost.

“Well hello there David Yurman!” I whisper to myself.

The women across the table from me give me a discerning look (maybe they think I’m Skyping? Let’s hope.)

As I view each lot, my eyes begin to widen. Emeralds, ruby’s, and diamonds, oh my! Each lot lit up my screen with beautiful pieces that my friends and family would love to have!

A surge of energy races through my body. “Eureka!” I yell out.

The women who were sitting across from me had conveniently moved to the other side of the store.

Heritage Auctions is going to be my go-to destination for my holiday shopping this year.

But what are the benefits of buying antiques vs. new items?  Below Antique Trader’s Frank Farmer Loomis IV shares the benefits of antiques in his article “Secrets to Savvy Collecting”:

  1. Antiques Retain Value Better Than New:  The instant your new item leaves the store, it’s considered used merchandise and, therefore, plummets in value.  Antiques usually keep their value and sometimes increase.
  2. Antiques Tell A Story:  Antiques make great history teachers because they offer personal and interesting insights into the past.
  3. Antiques Bring Positive Energy: One of the tenets of Feng Shui is the importance of surrounding ourselves with possessions that bring happiness and harmony. Antiques do this superbly. It doesn’t matter if yours are pedigreed or mixed breeds; the important thing is to pick what you love.

So what’s next on my to-do list?  Winning those David Yurman diamond earrings – bidding in an auction is so much more fun than waiting on line at a store!



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